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Multi-Family Office Services


Family enterprise and wealth is not self-perpetuating.  Careful strategic planning and stewardship is paramount for long-term, multi-generational prosperity and family harmony.  It is a journey from family to family wealth, avoiding entropy and entitlement by learning and sharing dynamic and responsible ownership of wealth.      


Family wealth is about financial capital and more; the human and intellectual capital, structural capital, social capital, and family capital.  Strategic focus on shared meaning and purpose with a common mission promotes responsible and lasting family wealth.


Our Founder's experience and expertise acquired over 30 years has proven invaluable to our clients.  We strive to assist them in realizing and fully exploiting the value of their family wealth capitals.  Services focus on strategic planning, trouble-shooting, facilitation, consulting and advising on a project and/or retainer, or board level basis:


  • Family legacy and stewardshipvalues, governance, education, succession,  family enterprise.

  • Family dynamics and organization relationship management and organizational structures such as family councils and private family trust companies.

  • Family officeestablishment and organization, trouble-shooting, family option analysis, and best practices.

  • Multi-family office - establishment and organization, trouble-shooting, family option analysis and best practices.

  • Investment Consultationadvisory role, aimed at enabling families to make the “right‟ decisions on both providers and products, draft investment policy statements and suggest asset allocation, manage risk, monitor relationships, and explain offerings and results – international experience significant.

  • Administrationadvisory role, aimed at enabling families to coordinate and find solutions to a variety of issues including custody, aggregated reporting, and more.

  • Interdisciplinary networking/outsourcingconstructive counsel and collaboration. 




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