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Portfolio Management Services


As a trusted and objective advisor, we strive to build enduring partnerships with our clients based upon integrity, service, and honest advice as we invest, manage, grow and protect their wealth.


We provide our services to clients based on their individual financial circumstances and needs.  With their collaboration, we construct a tailored, personal investment program and manage each portfolio based on that policy.


GWM will manage advisory accounts on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis depending on the client’s preference.  Account supervision is guided by the stated objectives of the client e.g., maximum capital appreciation, preservation of capital, growth, income, or growth and income.  Portfolios are tailored and customized.


We will allocate client assets among various investments taking into consideration the overall management style selected by the each individual client.  Portfolio weighting between asset classes - funds, individual, and other securities as well as market sectors - will be determined by each client's individual needs and circumstances.  An open architecture approach to investment selection is objective, efficient, unbiased.  Clients also have the opportunity to place reasonable restrictions on the types of investments which will be made on the their behalf.  Risk management and investment monitoring are on-going. 


Clients decide whether to stay with their custodians or consider a new one. We will work with their provider of choice. We offer aggregated reporting of multiple managers, investments and custodians which facilitates comprehensive client monitoring of their financial wealth.


More than ever, the convergence of world economies and global markets continues to expand the vast investment landscape.  Just as large U.S. institutional investors look both at home and abroad for the most compelling investment opportunities, individual investors must be well equipped to do the same.  Our comprehensive and deep global market expertise, across nearly all asset classes, combined with high quality and current economic and investment research, gives our clients a valuable and distinct advantage.  In addition, our knowledge and expertise in alternative investments, long utilized by institutional investors to enhance risk-adjusted returns, provides our clients, when appropriate, dynamic portfolio diversification.















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